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Win the heart of your customer

From satisfied customers to an emotional connection

A client that feels a genuine connection with your brand is worth more than a customer that is simply satisfied. Organisation do not make the difference with their products, but with their service. Therefore, organisations spend a lot of time and attention on measuring and analyzing their customers’ needs. To apply these learnings later to their existing service offering and start digitising. However, their main focus is on the products or services, and not on the customers. What do you need to make a real connection with your customers possible? How do you win their hearts?

An emotional connection can increase customer value up to 52% (Zorfas & Leemon, Harvard Business Review).

In this guide, you will read:

  • Why you need to build an emotional connection with your customers now
  • When it's time for your organisation to take action
  • What is needed to create an emotional connection

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